About Crossroad Racing

It’s a family affair, three generations deep! We started our business because we believe we can provide a superior experience for your event. We believe it is about the entire experience, and want to help you put on the best event possible.

We are able to support events of all sizes, from 10 to 10,000 participants. While most of our events are located in Michigan and the Midwest, we support events throughout the nation.

As a family,  we have been in the running and event community since the 70s. We are All-Americans, Olympic qualifiers, world record holders to everyday participants. We have a love and passion for providing the best possible event experience. We have an extensive background and experience in event rental and management as well as race management. Our experience extends to event rental and management, event timing, coaching, race directing and much more.

Please email us for any questions at info@crossroadracing.com